Stratus by Chaos Audio
Stratus by Chaos Audio


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  1. Connect to Stratus wirelessly with the Chaos Audio mobile app
  2. Easily build virtual pedalboards of up to 7 effects
  3. Jam out with any possible tone you can imagine!
We're constantly adding new effects and features so you always have something new to try.


  • Stratus is the versatile guitar pedal of the future
  • Save and load an unlimited number of presets
  • Be your own band with the built-in looper
  • Comes with dozens of boutique quality effects
  • 90 day hassle free returns and top tier support



Stratus is the multi-effects guitar pedal of the future that allows you to swap to whatever sound you need instantly.

With dozens of high quality effects and unlimited presets, you’ll have everything you need available at a tap. It also comes with a built-in looper.

As we continue to update Stratus, you’ll gain access to new effects, new features, and more, all in a unit the size of a single stomp box.



Our hand crafted digital effects use RealTone algorithms which respond to your guitar the same way a physical circuit would. Control them on Stratus with a rugged foot switch and a versatile Mutliknob — turning allows adjustment and selection, and clicking allows selection and additional action.

Each Stratus goes through a 15 point testing process before it leaves our warehouse, and we offer top tier support, hassle free returns, a robust warranty, and never ending software updates.  

  • Studio Quality Audio
  • Powerful Arm CPU
  • Storage for 80,000 effects
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • USB-C
  • 9V DC (400mA+ recommended)


How many effects can I have in my chain at once?

Up to seven at a time.

Where do I put my phone while using Stratus?

On your board next to your Stratus on a Wedgie, in your pocket, attached to your mic stand/music stand, on your desk, or anywhere else you want.

Do I need to be connected to my device?
All effects, the foot switch, and the Multiknob will all work without connection of a device.

Further customization can be made while connected wirelessly.

Do I need to reflash Stratus every time I change effects?
No. Stratus has storage for over 80,000 effects.

Do your effects sound any good?

Our effects are f**cking great.

How many effects do you have?

We have dozens, and we’re adding new ones all the time.

You can check out all of our effects here.

What’s the Multiknob for?

The Multiknob can be used as a master volume, and is also used to engage the built-in looper. While in Loop Mode, the volume control is only applied to whatever you've previously recorded.

What is Stratus made out of?

Stratus is die-cast with our custom tooling from spacecraft grade aluminum.


How does the Loop Mode work?

Loop Mode allows you to record up to 10 minutes of playing, and so you can play over what you've recorded. First, you record for the amount of time you would like your loop to be set to. Then, the audio you recorded continues to play in the background while you continue to play over it. You can loop once, or you can continue to overdub your loops to add even more to the mix. 

Double tapping the Multiknob will pause the looper, and holding the Multiknob switch will clear your looper so you can start from scratch!

I want more control over Stratus for live use!

First, that’s not a question. Second, we agree!

One of the great things about Stratus is we can easily release new software features.

We’d love to hear your feedback on what we should do next.

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