Supercharge Your Guitar Playing

Meet the super smart stompbox that lets you level up your sound & unleash your creativity, without breaking the bank

Connect to Stratus wirelessly with the Chaos Audio mobile app

Easily build virtual pedalboards
of up to 7 effects

Jam out with any possible tone you can imagine

Take your guitar playing to the next level

And do it easily. The multi-effects guitar pedal of the future that allows you to swap to whatever sound you need instantly

Ultimate Accessibility 

Save and load an unlimited number of presets whenever you need

Built-In Looper

You can loop once, or continue to overdub your loops to add even more to the mix

Tons of Effects

Dozens of built-in, boutique quality effects to create with

Musicians Are Loving It
  • "One pedal to rule them all"

    "The build quality is fantastic and really solid. This is now the only pedal I need and I don't have to change settings on individual pedals between songs. I cannot recommend this enough and look forward to more effects being added to the app"

    Andrew Mottershaw

    Verified Customer

  • "This really impresses me"

    Once I realized there were several really cool and practical effects you could stack and explore, (including a compressor!) I really started to get why the Stratus is blowing up

    Cohen Hartman

    Verified Customer

  • "Great Pedal!"

    It’s a super fun and versatile pedal. Been using the past couple of days and it has been super fun. Would definitely recommend it.

    Jalen Davis

    Verified Customer

  • "It's a great addition!"

    Wow! The Stratus pedal is a great addition to any pedalboard. I went from having 8 pedals down to 4. And, the multitude of choices, with more always being added, helps come you come up with many different textures. A must have for any gigging guitarist.

    Dave Messmer

    Verified Customer

Made to bring out the best in any musician

Our mission is to build products that give musicians the tools to do what they do best -- create. Stratus was made to give every guitar player the ability to instantly fine-tune & find their own unique sound.

Top Rated

Stratus: Smart Stompbox

Supercharge your guitar playing. Just connect wirelessly & jam



Dozens of effects

Built-in looper

Versatile, affordable, and easy to use


Level up your sound quality instantly

Stratus is the multi-effects guitar pedal of the future that allows you to swap to whatever sound you need instantly. With dozens of high quality effects,  unlimited presets, and a built - in looper, you’ll have everything you need available at a tap. 

The Effects

Take a peek at a few of our effects to see just how much great sound they can add to your next hit.


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