4 Exciting New Features of the Chaos Audio App

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Hey there, Chaos Audio community! We're super thrilled to share some fantastic updates we've made to our mobile app. We know how important it is for musicians and audiophiles to have a seamless, trouble-free experience when using our products. That's why we've listened to your feedback and rolled out improvements that enhance your user experience like never before.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just discovering the world of audio effects, our app now offers features that make your life easier and expand your creative possibilities. Let's dive right into what’s new!

1. Automatic Library Syncing

We get it; you're all about efficiency and convenience. With our new Automatic Library Syncing, you can download all your purchased effects with just one tap each time you sign into your account. No more tedious searching and downloading of individual effects—everything is immediately at your fingertips!

2. Sign-In Improvements

Remember that annoying issue where some users would randomly get logged out? We do too, and we've fixed it. Now, your Chaos Audio app experience starts with a more robust sign-in process, designed to keep you connected. We've also fixed password reset and account creation issues to make sure you have a smooth start with the app.

3. Preset Warning

The beauty of the Chaos Audio ecosystem lies in its vast library of effects. With our new Preset Warning feature, the app will now alert you if you load a preset containing effects that you haven't downloaded yet. This ensures that you're always aware and can make the most out of your presets.

4. Third-Party Effects

We believe in community and the power of collaborative innovation. That's why we've made under-the-hood changes to prepare the app for integrating effects from other brands. While we can't spill all the beans just yet, let's just say that some exciting partnerships are on the horizon. Stay tuned!


  • We've removed resources used in previous versions of the app to speed up performance.
  • The effect purchase buttons now display a processing indicator while loading.
  • The "Continue as Guest" option has been renamed to "View Available Effects."
  • We've also squashed some minor bugs to improve your overall experience.

Ready to check out these new features? Use the download buttons below to update your Chaos Audio app and elevate your audio experience today!

Thanks for being a part of our ever-growing community. We're continually working on innovative solutions and looking for new ways to make your musical journey more rewarding. Until next time, keep creating, keep innovating, and as always, keep spreading the chaos!

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Landon and Chaos Audio Team

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