Dark Matter
Dark Matter
Dark Matter

Dark Matter

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Dark Matter is an intricate echo-like effect, designed to warp the very fabric of your sound. Inspired by the legendary Eventide Blackhole (*), this effect marries a delicate diffuser, reminiscent of a mini-reverb, with a long, modulated delay-line in a feedback system. The result is a cosmic cascade of sound, perfect for creating expansive, spacey washes. Ideal for ambient soundscapes and otherworldly tones, Dark Matter transforms your audio into a journey through the cosmos.

Decay: Time between delays
Damp: Applied to the reverb
Space: The size of the reverb
Field: The centerpiece of this effect, just try it
Repeats: Feedback applied to the repeats
Depth:  Intensity of the modulation
Speed: Rate of the modulation
Mix: Ratio of dry/effect signal
Level: Output volume

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