Knot (Preorder)
Knot (Preorder)
Knot (Preorder)
Knot (Preorder)

Knot (Preorder)

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The pocket-sized device for connecting Stratus® to any standard MIDI controller.

Knot is the perfect solution for musicians looking to bridge the gap between Stratus® (or other USB MIDI devices) and any standard MIDI controller. With Knot, you can directly control your Stratus® using your favorite MIDI footswitch controller.

MIDI - Host, Merge, Feedback

Knot is equipped with two 3.5mm TRS jacks for sending and receiving MIDI data (both A and B TRS MIDI standards are supported). The jacks combined with the HOST port on the front ensure instant compatibility with Stratus®.

Compact and Durable

Measuring just 60mm x 60mm x 10mm and weighing approximately 120 grams, Knot is a palm-sized device that is designed with portability in mind.

Power to the User

Power Knot with a USB-C cable or your trusty guitar pedal power supply. With 6-12V universal polarity detection and power delivery to Stratus® over USB, you can power your entire setup with almost any option you like.

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List of Features
  • Standalone USB MIDI Host, works with any MIDI class-compliant controller (i.e. Morningstar, Tech21, Pirate MIDI, Disaster Area Designs, etc.)
  • USB-A HOST port for hosting Stratus® or any other USB MIDI device
  • TRS MIDI IN port
  • TRS MIDI OUT port
  • USB-C port for power and firmware updates
  • DC IN port for 6-12V DC power with automatic polarity detection (designed for 5.5 x 2.1mm plugs)
  • A/B switch for changing the TRS MIDI wiring on the MIDI OUT port
  • MODE button for switching modes and entering bootloader mode
  • 3 status LEDs, indicating MIDI TX/RX on all 3 ports and current mode
  • 2 modes of operation, switchable with MODE button
    Green: MIDI IN and HOST messages are not merged, only HOST is sent on OUT
    Blue: MIDI IN and HOST messages are merged and sent on OUT

Made in partnership with our friends at Intech Studio.