9V Power Supply
9V Power Supply
9V Power Supply
9V Power Supply

9V Power Supply

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Designed to work perfectly with Stratus

  • 9V 1700mA clean DC power
  • 8‘ road-ready cable
  • Heavy-duty center negative barrel
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

This power supply is NOT military grade like our guitar cables. Be nice to it whether you're using it on the road or at home. Power supplies have feelings too...

Our 9V Power Supply features 1700mA of clean DC power and is compatible with most pedals on the market. It also offers triple filtering for ultra-clean power, international voltage conversion (120v to 240v), and an extra-long, heavy-duty 18 AWG cable. The durable center negative barrel will survive the most brutal road conditions and keep powering your pedals without missing a beat. And we've got your back with our lifetime warranty, if we can't fix it, we'll replace it for free. 

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