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  • Studio quality Audio
  • Powerful ARM CPU
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • USB-C  

Control effects in real time from the app

Chain multiple effects together

Save and load an unlimited number of presets

Download new effects from the online store

New effects added regularly

Introducing: Stratus. The super-smart stompbox. Stratus is the perfect effects solution for beginner and advanced guitarists alike. Simply download the app, customize your effects, and you’re ready to rock!

Stratus is a flexible tool for your gear arsenal. You can have it substitute any pedal you might be missing on your board, or create entire digital pedalboards by chaining up to five effects together in any order you can imagine. It also functions as a looper!

Stratus has all the classic effects you know and love right out of the box, plus an array of brand new custom effects. Stratus' online effects library will be continually updated so you never run out of new effects to play with. Whether you want to sound like your favorite artist or craft a sound of your own, Stratus has you covered.

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