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Welcome to the sonic frontier! At Chaos Audio, we don't believe in standing still, and neither should your music. We're all about pushing the boundaries of audio technology, be it multi-effects pedals or audio plugins. But we can't do it alone. That's why we invite you to join the Chaos Audio Beta Program and help us innovate the future of sound.

Why Should You Care? 🎶

Traditional multi-effects and plugin companies often wait until they've completed a product before showing it to the world. At Chaos Audio, we think differently. We believe that early-stage collaboration with our community can make all the difference, ensuring that we develop features you'll actually use. And let's be honest, who doesn't like the idea of shaping the future of audio tech?

The Power of Community: Discord Awaits 🌐

Want to dive deeper? Tap the button below to join our Beta Testing Discord community. Here, you'll find over 80 like-minded musicians who are already engaged in testing our latest features, bug fixes, and discussing everything related to Stratus and Chaos Audio. You can request specific effects, share your settings, or show off your gear setup.

Join the Discord Community - Tap Here

What's Stratus? ☁️

For those new to Chaos Audio, Stratus is our flagship multi-effects pedal that offers an array of spectacular effects through its companion mobile app. You can seamlessly integrate third-party effects from our Tone Shop or choose from Chaos Audio's own curated selection.

What Can You Expect? 🔮

  • Early access to new features and functionalities
  • The chance to collaborate on specific effects you want to see
  • Opportunity to share your settings and gear setups
  • Exclusive interaction with Chaos Audio’s development team

Get Involved: Next Steps 🚀

  1. Click on the Discord community button to join.
  2. Participate in discussions and give us your valuable feedback.
  3. Stay tuned for updates and news about new features and fixes.

Ready to elevate your sound and be a part of the future of Chaos Audio? The time is now.

Join the Chaos Audio Beta Program

Thank you for joining the Stratus open beta testing program. We're ecstatic to work with you and our community to continually elevate Stratus and your audio experience! 🤘

We look forward to having you on board. Keep rocking, and let's build the future of sound, together! 🎵

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