Stratus and Eventide H9: A Side-By-Side Look

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Introducing the Contenders

The multi-effects pedal market is awash with options, but two names consistently draw attention: Stratus by Chaos Audio and the Eventide H9. Both pedals offer a range of features aimed at expanding the sonic palette for musicians, yet they each approach this goal in unique ways. Let's delve into their individual characteristics to help you decide which pedal best aligns with your musical aspirations.

Eventide H9:
Known for its high-quality algorithms, the Eventide H9 is a premium multi-effects pedal that offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. With its traditional design, the H9 focuses on delivering one or two effects at a time in stunning quality. The pedal comes with stereo audio processing, out-of-the-box MIDI control, and a control app that's compatible with both computers and mobile devices. Priced at $599, the Eventide H9 is designed for professionals who demand the best.

Chaos Audio Stratus: Designed with modern musicians in mind, Stratus offers a more competitive price point at $379. Its sleek design is complemented by an intuitive mobile app, allowing for ease of use and quick setup. Stratus is capable of running up to seven different effects simultaneously and includes a built-in looper. With a series of upcoming updates, including MIDI capability and more, Stratus is a forward-thinking choice for the versatile musician.

Price and Value

At $379, Stratus is clearly designed to offer a strong array of features at a competitive price. Meanwhile, the Eventide H9, at $599, places itself in the premium market, reflecting its high-quality effects and well-known brand name.

  • Quick Take: Stratus is more budget-friendly at $379, while Eventide H9 is a premium option at $599.

User Experience and Interface

Stratus wins points for user-friendliness, thanks to its one "Multiknob," two switches, and intuitive mobile app, which also can be run on some Mac computers with M1 or M2 chips. Eventide’s H9 can be configured through its desktop or mobile app, which comes with a bit of a learning curve. It adopts a more traditional route with its "Hot Knob" and small LED screen, offering additional switches for on-the-fly adjustments.

  • Quick Take: Stratus excels in ease of use with its intuitive mobile app, whereas Eventide H9 features a more traditional interface.

Crafting Your Sound

The ability to run multiple effects gives Stratus an edge in creative possibilities. The integrated looper with 5 minutes of recording time adds another layer of functionality. In contrast, the Eventide H9 focuses on delivering one or two high-quality effects at a time, without the inclusion of a looper.

  • Quick Take: Stratus offers multi-effect capabilities and a built-in looper; Eventide H9 specializes in high-quality individual or combo effects but lacks a looper.

Software Capabilities and Upcoming Features

Both pedals have a software component, but Stratus leads in future-proofing with the upcoming addition of third-party pedal models like the Daily Driver by Shnobel Tone. The H9 also offers a robust software component accessible via computers and mobile devices.

  • Quick Take: Both offer software solutions, but Stratus has exciting updates on the horizon, including popular third-party pedal models.

Hardware and Controls

In terms of hardware controls, both pedals feature two foot switches and a unique knob. Stratus's "Multiknob" and smaller size offer a compact solution, whereas Eventide's "Hotknob" is part of a larger hardware setup.

  • Quick Take: Stratus is more compact with a "Multiknob," while Eventide H9 is larger with a "Hotknob."

Technical Specifications and Connectivity

Eventide’s H9 stands out for its stereo audio capabilities, while both pedals excel in low-latency, local audio processing. In the realm of connectivity, H9 currently supports MIDI, with Stratus planning to introduce this feature in an upcoming update.

  • Quick Take: Eventide H9 supports stereo and MIDI out-of-the-box, whereas Stratus operates in mono but has MIDI support coming soon.

The Future is Bright

Both Stratus and Eventide H9 have promising futures. While Stratus is gearing up to offer MIDI support and additional functionalities like a tuner, the H9 is known for its Eventide name and reliability.

  • Quick Take: Both pedals have exciting potential, with Stratus focusing on features like MIDI and a tuner, and Eventide H9 known for its reliability and trustworthiness.


Both the Stratus and Eventide H9 pedals offer a robust set of features, but they cater to different needs and preferences. Your choice ultimately depends on what specific functionalities and price points align best with your musical endeavors! 🤘

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  • Good afternoon,

    Does the Stratus include a tuner? I saw one mentioned on the Kickstarter and also on the Stratus vs. H9 article on the Chaos Audio site.

    Brian on
  • Hi i just have some questions.

    Do you plan to make the pedal as stereo soon?

    Also, is the pedal can be used with midi pedal to control the effects inside?

    How many effects can be in there?

    Can this put like comp, pog, drive, drive, modulation, 2 delay, and 2 reverb?

    Also, does delay can be used with tap tempo?

    If these are possible, I think your pedal can be promoted as an awesome pedal one in all!

    Let me know,


    James Kim on

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