Expanding Your Stratus Experience: MIDI Preview 1.0 is Here!

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At Chaos Audio, we are on a mission to revolutionize the world of audio electronics. Today, we are thrilled to announce a feature that promises to significantly enhance the versatility and power of your Stratus pedal: MIDI Preview 1.0.

The Power of MIDI in Music

For the uninitiated, MIDI – Musical Instrument Digital Interface – is a protocol that allows musical instruments and digital devices to communicate. In simple terms, it's the language devices use to talk to each other in the realm of music. While MIDI has been around for a long time, its importance cannot be overstated. It enables musicians to command vast arrays of equipment with precision and flexibility.

This is where our latest update steps in.

Preset-Switching: Amplifying Live Control

With MIDI Preview 1.0 for Stratus, guitarists can now use their favorite MIDI controller to send "Program Change" messages, unlocking the capability to seamlessly load any of our 23 presets included in this initial preview. This transformative feature means that mid-performance or mid-jam, users can swiftly switch between different tonal landscapes, painting their musical canvas with a broader palette of sounds.


Preset Dictionary for MIDI Preview 1.0

Here's a list of what's included in this preview. To load one of these presets, simply program your MIDI controller to send the Program Change (PC) number listed next to each preset below! You can communicate with Stratus via MIDI Channel #4.

  • PC #0 - Easy '80s

    Asteroid (Metal Distortion) -> Orbiter (Chorus) -> Astro (Plate Reverb)
  • PC #1 - Neo-R&B

    Gravity (Compressor) -> Warp Speed (Light Drive) -> Uranus (Auto-wah) -> Astro (Plate Reverb)
  • PC #2 - Ambience

    Pegasus (Mythical Drive) -> Mariner (Analog Delay) -> Astro (Plate Reverb)
  • PC #3 - Retro Sunshine

    Supernova (Preamp) -> Artemis (Harmonic Trem) -> Cassini (Gritty Reverb)
  • PC #4 - Solitude is Bliss (Tame Impala)

    Gravity (Compressor) -> Spacedust (Sparkle Drive) -> Wormhole (Flanger)
  • PC #5 - G.O.A.T. (Polyphia)

    Gravity (Compressor) -> Warp Speed (Light Drive) -> Spectrometer (EQ)
  • PC #6 - Tommy's Party (Peach Pit)

    Orbiter (Chorus) -> Cassini (Gritty Reverb)
  • PC #7 - Mr. Brightside (The Killers)

    Gemini (Parallel Drive) -> Spectrometer (EQ) -> Eclipse (Noise Suppressor)
  • PC #8 - Purple Rain (Prince)

    Gravity (Compressor) -> Orbiter (Chorus) -> Transit (Digital Delay) -> Skylab (Room Reverb)
  • PC #9 - One (Metallica)

    Orbiter (Chorus) -> Skylab (Room Reverb) -> Gravity (Compressor)
  • PC #10 - Cherub Rock (Smashing Pumpkins)

    Void (Velcro Fuzz) -> Orbiter (Chorus)
  • PC #11 - Shimmer

    Starlight (Shimmer Reverb)
  • PC #12 - Tube Drive

    Apollo (Tube Drive)
  • PC #13 - Concert Hall

    Cosmos (Hall Reverb)
  • PC #14 - Auto-wah

    Uranus (Auto-wah)
  • PC #15 - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (Van Halen)

    Asteroid (Metal Distortion) -> Tycho (Phaser)
  • PC #16 - Hendrix

    Ares (Vintage Fuzz) -> Pluto (Vibrato)
  • PC #17 - Loaded Board

    Gravity (Compressor) -> Meteor (Distortion) -> Launch (Germanium Drive) -> Mariner (Analog Delay) -> Skylab (Room Reverb)
  • PC #18 - Drive & Vibe (Jacob Dickinson)

    Ursa Minor (Low Drive) -> Pluto (Vibrato)
  • PC #19 - Drive & Trem (Jacob Dickinson)

    Ursa Minor (Low Drive) -> Pioneer (Tremolo)
  • PC #20 - Drive+ & Vibe (Jacob Dickinson)

    Ursa Minor (High Drive) -> Pluto (Vibrato)
  • PC #21 - Drive+ & Trem (Jacob Dickinson)

    Ursa Minor (High Drive) -> Pioneer (Tremolo)
  • PC #22 - Clean

    No effects loaded into signal chain

Things to Keep in Mind

As with all cutting-edge endeavors, there are a few points to remember:

  • Compatibility: While the Morningstar MC6 Pro will work with Stratus out of the box, if you wish to use a MIDI controller that doesn't come with a USB host port, you'll need a MIDI USB host adapter to connect with Stratus.

  • Beta Stratus Update Tool: This feature is accessible only via a software update using our beta Stratus Update Tool. This is part of our Open Beta program, aimed at consistently refining our offerings based on your valuable feedback.

    Join the Open Beta Program here

What's Next?

MIDI Preview 1.0 is just the beginning. As we advance, you can expect more presets and enhanced functionalities. While this version focuses on preset-switching, the horizon holds an array of exciting possibilities.

Moreover, as we continue to develop this monumental feature, our mobile app will also see concurrent enhancements, ensuring a holistic MIDI experience across platforms.


At Chaos Audio, we are committed to addressing the evolving needs of musicians. This MIDI integration is our latest leap in that direction. Whether you're on stage or in the studio, with Stratus's new MIDI capabilities, you hold the power to shape your sound like never before.

Stay tuned, and rock on!

Landon McCoy

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