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Make your productions shimmer. For free. ✨

We are excited to announce that Starlight: Night Sky Reverb is now available as a free native plugin for MacOS and Windows. Now you can easily add space and shimmer to your productions — even if you haven’t already purchased Stratus.

Designed to produce the wonder of staring up at the night sky, it has the ability to include twinkling octaves on the reverb trail. With loads of Space on tap, this reverb sounds lush and ambient, with or without shimmer dialed in via the Lumens knob. Starlight is perfect for pads or lead lines, and the Tone knob decides exactly how bright the night sky will shine.

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Next Steps

Did you know Starlight originated as an effect for Stratus, our flagship multi-effects processor? We’re so stoked to offer our most popular reverb as a free native plugin, and we have more announcements on the way. 👀

Click here to learn more about Stratus, the convenient way to add high-quality algorithms like Starlight directly to your pedalboard.

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