Heavy metal distortion


Asteroid is a high gain distortion. Engineered to offer insane amounts of breakup perfect for punchy chugs and screaming lead tones. Inspired by popular metal pedals, this effect offers an incredibly versitile EQ stack for surgical tone shaping. The Low knob controls the amount of air moving thump, while the Highs knob either smooths or adds cut. The mids section uses a Mid Freq knob to select a wide arrange of frequencies for the Mid knob to boost or cut.

Drive: Amount of breakup
Mid Freq: Frequency of mid knob
Level: Output gain
Low: Amount of lows
Mid: Amount of mids
High: Amount of highs

available on stratus

Hard Clipping Distortion


Meteor is a hard clipping distortion.

With edgy focused clipping, this pedal is designed to produce punchy lead tones, and smooth rhythm tones.

Modeled after an old school distortion pedal, Meteor has extra gain on tap with the Drive knob, and an organic Tone knob that will help you jump out or fill out any mix.

Drive: Amount of breakup
Level: Output gain
Tone: Amount of brightness

Available On Stratus